Stay Focused

This isn’t one of my usual topics that you would hear me talk about but its life and I love to talk about life situations. As we know the New Year is here and we all have new goals and things we want to focus on. Sometimes this action is better said then done. Letting go and […]

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Le Fur

Le Fur is my fancy way of describing all of the fur items I own. Cute right I know. This look was a small version of my cool weather must haves. Having these key items will help you create the cutest looks ever. Your winter essentials consist of Fur, Wide Brim Hats, and Knee-Highs, if […]

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Pick Your Color

Pick Your Color!  The other day I was in Forever 21 of course and I noticed this great deal while in the checkout line that I could not pass up. This small and glitzy item was called “The Lipstick Book”, I know cute right. I was so excited about the purchase that I could not […]

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