A Hint of Blue

“A hint of jean is all you need”. As you can see in this look I’m wearing it’s predominantly black which is fine with me, but I decided I wanted to break it up a little. I jumped for joy when I saw the weather was giving us a break from all of its crazy […]

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Pretty n Pink

  I know some of you gals wear Pink on Wednesday’s but I wear Pink wherever and whenever. Pink of course isn’t the biggest color of the year but it sure is Pretty, so just call me “Pretty n Pink”! This look was inspired by my sassy attitude so I thought I should share this […]

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Out of Order

Blue Ugg boots, Fur Scarf, and Galaxy Leggings, what a combination right! This look was inspired by what I would like to call my famous “Get Up and Go” look!  Of course like any other girl there are days I wake up and plan my look; and other days I just go with the flow. […]

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