D.I.Y Tea Mask

​For all my green tea lovers I have a little tip for you. After finishing your delicious cup of hot green tea, and instead of throwing away your used tea bag use it for a facial scrub! I know this sounds crazy but I got this cute tip from a college friend. I know it sounds weird putting used tea residue on your face, but the outcome is amazing. I try to apply this scrub at least once a week, which is good for you new tea scrub users. I love this scrub for a number of reasons, it creates a beautiful glow to your skin, it’s affordable, and easy! F.Y.I this tip applies to men as well.

So Let’s Get It!


Tea Bags
Honey (Raw is Best)
Plastic Bowl

: Sugar “This is my extra treat for an Exfoilate”, and a dab of oil for extra moisture!

. Before starting you’re regime be sure to have clean hands before beginning your process. Let your tea bag cool off at least 10 minutes after brewing a cup of tea.

Empty your tea bag into a plastic bowl and be sure to get it all!

. Grab your honey and apply it to the grains of tea.

Apply enough so that your scrub becomes paste-like!

: I also add my drop of oil and my teaspoon of sugar for a more exfoliating affect.

. Stir togrther all the ingredients so that you can begin your beauty regime.

Simply after stirring the product, apply the product to your face in a circular motion. Now that the product is applied let it sit for at-least 10-15 minutes!

– Because I am extra sometimes I leave it on longer because I complete other task, but I know my skin very well and sometimes I forget it’s there. Please don’t follow my actions! 🙂

. After the product has soaked into your skin rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Gently pat dry face and apply moisturizer.

*If you have sensitive skin please be cautious and ask your doctor if this action is okay!

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