Dope is all they know! So recently I just returned from Brooklyn, New York and you can only imagine what the weather was like. Can you say miserable, OMG! With the wind blowing like your in the Chi and the temperature as low as Alaska, it made me want to honestly just jump off of a cliff. Haha! […]

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A Fantasy Come True

#WhatsPoppin: “A fantasy come true”…….     For the third time ever in Victoria Secret history an African American model has been honored to wear the 2016 Fantasy Bra. How exciting is that! Being covered in 9,000 precious gemstones is girls dream come true. Well I don’t know about you but, I know I would love […]

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Glamour meets Refugee

#WhatsPoppin with Mari….. As of November 27, 2016, the #RiRiNavy has won again!!!!!! It all started on a beautiful and relaxed Sunday night. My night was full of cold and flu medicine, annoying coughs, and pure laughter as I scroll through my snapchat. A few scrolls and skips later I realized the name Rihanna was […]

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