Music is my Drug!


Have you ever been so happy to see your one favorite artist that you can just scream for joy?

I mean seriously. You know just someone you can connect too; you know spiritually and emotionally type shit.

Some think I’m star struck but who are they to judge. Maybe I am maybe I’m not. But the real truth is I’m not. I’m really just mesmerized by your creativity, your ambition. Yes this individual is a star and yes people idolize that individual daily because of your countless amount of dollars and of course your top selling music. But check this out. Every since I was a little girl in “Da Vault” I developed a different relationship with music. At a young age I grew an appreciation for the many side effects of the sound of music. I was growing to love music and didn’t even realize it. The way the beat, lyrics,rythm, and instruments affects my mind, body, and soul. Oh, it’s a wonderful feeling! Music is my one escape goat that never fails me. It’s my relaxation.

I fuck with creativity, success, ambition, and authenticity. With that being said I enjoyed every second of the “Blank Face Tour”. School Boy Q and Joey Bad A$S were legit! The environment was vibrant, unified, and lit! Everything was Gucci, minus the fact I should have worn my chucks instead of my Jeffrey Campbell sneaks! To checkout what my Jeffrey’ s and my fit scroll down a “smidge” bit more to see how Rudolph stole the night. Haha, enjoy. Thanks my love for tuning into OMG.its.Mari! Don’t Just Stare, Share!

Fab Braids: Loop Luxe

Choker and Earring Set: Avalon Exchange

Sheer Bodysuit: Boutique Calla Lily

Ripped Jeans: H&M

Peek-a-Boo Jeffrey Campbell Sneakers: Pink Boutique



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