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Hello my loves,

Kylie Jenner attends the Marie Claire Image Makers Event and of course she’s a trending topic in her high fashion Balmain dress. What do you think does her edgy frilly look get a Yay or Nay?

Okay look my loves I’m not going to lie to you. Normally I am so anxious and itching to see when Kylie Jenner enters the room because she’s a fashionista “well-dressed, lover of fashion”. You know no type of boring bish shi at all! So recently Kylizzy “Kylie Jenner” arrived to the Marie Claire Image Makers event rocking the new-new Balmain 2017 Resort Collection. Ladies, how exciting is that right! But, lately in the Fashion World we’ve been loving this two-piece shi and we can’t seem to let go of it. Although, the dope thing about this vision “garment” is that it appears to be a a two-piece but it’s really still a dress. In my eyes its not the cutest dress but the quality is still impeccable. The flesh tone mesh-netting on this style makes Kylizzy’s night easier because she doesn’t have any worries about actual body hangouts because she’s still fully intact with the gown.

So yeah anyway, the trendy look is cool and but. Ha! There’s always a but my loves. Kylie your high fashion vision was a flop, and it looks a freaking mess to me! Sorry, but not Sorry.

I mean flat out, lets not lie!
F.T.O.T.D: “frilly layers” has made an grand entrance in The Fashion World for 2017 and is trending big, ladies. So yes ma’am you are trending, but you also look a mess. I mean seriously did Balmain have to rush to finish your dress or nah, or did he just lose his train of thought. The whole side out idea seems great but it ended up looking like inside of a bat cave. Is it Halloween already or nah? Although she has approached Halloween a bit early this year I can say the silhouette of the dress looks stunning on her body. Maybe a frilly-flared leg would’ve been more appealing, but who knows. 

Moving Forward in 2017 and No Looking Back let me address the older sissy “Kourtney Kardashian“. Kourtney was the first to get recognized for her similar frilly Balmain gown when she attended the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. Do you think Balmain had better vision with Kourtney’s dress or Kylie’s? 



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