A Girl in a Formal World

“The only impossible is the journey you never began” – Anthony Robbings.




A Girl in A Formal World is a journey of my life that I’ve contemplated for years. If you’re puzzled on what’s about to happen, don’t be. “A Girl in The Formal World’ is exactly what it sounds like, okay!


Working as a Dress Specialist and Marketing Manager at Boutique Calla Lily I spend majority of my time focusing on our family business. Sounds great so far right, but here was the problem. Fashion is my drug that I can’t absolutely live without. Every day I literally eat, sleep, and breath fashion into my body. So, to overcome this overdose I started a blog thanks to a few friends..They encouraged me to write down my feelings and thoughts about the fashion world. Well eventually that love came to a stand-still. I moved back home and began to work at our family business so my creative thoughts were no longer a priority. Sadly, deep down inside I felt like I had lost my love. I couldn’t find the balance between the two worlds of causal fashion and formal fashion. But then there was a light-bulb that went off, “Bing”!

Ha, Ha!


 Finally, I thought of an idea to help me express my love for fashion and balance  of my life at Boutique Calla Lily. I decided to start a blog about the formal life: the events, trends, tips, designers, and more. Well, a year went past and that never happened. My ideas were flowing but my action and motivation were at a complete stand-still. I felt as if transferring into a new journey was making me lose self- confidence, inspiration, and success. But then I finally realized it wasn’t all the above the main factor was fear! I was afraid to start a new journey of my life, which was beginning to ring bells in a lot of places. With me realizing that this is what’s been holding me back from success, I had to let those negative feelings go. Always remember that on the other side of success is fear.


But guess what today I’m here with you sharing my new journey. I’m a full-time dress specialist and Boutique Calla Lily Girl exploring the fun seasons of the formal world. You will be provided with trends, helpful tips, and tricks to prepare you for your special night. Here at B.C.L we are known for our stunning and unique dresses; we’re the epitome of unforgettable. Which is why we are giving our store the nickname “The Unforgettable”. So, if you never heard of our store before congratulations now you have. Our dresses are ready to be purchased for any social occasion: prom, homecoming, pageants, balls/galas, parties and more. I’m here to show you how a “Calla Lily Girl” shows up and shuts shit down. So, stay tuned and enjoy the lovely insights of the formal world of fashion at Boutique Calla Lily!




With love,






Where to Follow Me:

Instagram: omg.its.mari & boutiquecallalily

Facebook: Boutique Calla Lily Prom

Twitter: Formal Utopia



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