Think Out of the Box 

What’s Poppin: “Thinking Out of the Box” is today’s topic in Mari’s Formal World!

Traditional dressing is always the safe route out for a special occasion. But who plays it safe anymore. You have one night to make your grand entrance, to be recognized, to express yourself. Don’t be that boring bitch for your special occasion. I’m a “Calla Lily Girl” and we always arrive to the occasion! Go the extra mile and have fun. Fashion isn’t always about trends and fads, it’s about your personal vision.

Armani Prive` created an extravagant two-piece for “Bad Gal Ri-Ri”. Rocking an tangerine top with an dramatic deep black silk plisse` skirt. Fashion Tip of the Day: Accessorizing with a bold look can be scary, but don’t worry; where there is a will there is a way. Rings and Bracelets are always go-to’s, just make sure the compliment your look. For example, Ri-Ri is going for a dramatic oversized look so why not go for the oversized rings and bracelets. By going bold everywhere else in your look it this gives you leeway to tone down in the makeup, hair, and shoes.

As a Fashion Consultant I always ask tour customers what look are you trying to portray for your event?  Is it a drama factor, simple and chic, or maybe the darling princess? These are questions that help move along your dress hunt. Here at Boutique Calla Lily we love to push young ladies and women to think outside of their comfort zone. “Thinking Out of the Box”  can open the doors to a new fierce you that was hiding deep down inside itching to come out! So know that you know what The Ladies of Boutique Calla Lily are about we look forward to see you for your next event, See You Soon!  

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