2 Step Shawty

In the Lou the beautiful spring weather is finally here, so I wanted to rock my first trend. We have all seen this off the shoulder trend before rocked by my girl Ri-Ri with her custom-made Balenciaga denim jacket.


This trend was popping so much The Fashion World wanted to see this trend being worn with our spring coats. I love this trend its easy and there’s no need to spend money on a shopping trip. Grab your favorite coat or jacket and let’s roll girly. Get this trend in two and a half easy steps!




1. Pick a jacket of your choice “mines is a bomber”.

2. Start putting it on, 2 1/2 STOP!!! Put it on halfway and let it hang like a shawl.

Now you’re ready to strut the world as if it’s your runway. I hope I see you in the Lou rocking this dope ass trend. 🙂


Check out the 2 step video @mariama_ayesha



With Love,

A Calla Lily Girl with Dope AS$ Style.




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