What is Fashion 2 U!



Did you know the definition of Fashion means the make or form of something, that’s done in a special way or manner. But what is that something to you? That something for me is the form of art, the making of a creative world you envisioned. Art is everywhere in this world. Art is that one expression of imagination that moves our mind, body, and soul from within. Be inspired by what’s in front of you not what’s next to you. How we view this world is very important because it determines who you are and what you want to become. So, in order to achieve this goal we dress in a manner of whom we want to become. Which is where style comes from. Style is something not everyone has. Many of the people today show no style, no originality because everything is based on trends. “What’s the next person wearing I want that too”. Yeah that’s cool and all but, that shits boring and basic. I’m not a basic bitch. I hate that the World of Fashion is based on one, two, or even three trends. Every girl looks the same, but I’m here to tell you I’m tired of looking at yall! Show some originality, you girls are boring me. Don’t be a boring Bish your whole life.




A True Calla Lily Girl with Dope Ass Style.


Check these pics @mariama_ayesha!!!!



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