If You Can’t Find It, Create It: In Three Quick Steps! 

If you don’t find it, create it!

Thanks to one of my retail therapy sessions I found the cutest D.I.Y project for my Calla Lily Girls. Our customers always ask us where can they find this specific shoe their searching for? So of course we give them a list of places but now we have a better solution for you. This is the perfect project to get your desired look. It’s quick, easy, and cheap! Oh, good news ladies, these jewels allow you to bling out any shoe of your choice. My shoe of choice was a simple black ankle strap heel from DSW. The look I was going for was the bling heel trend, which was very simple to complete this look.

All it requires is three quick steps!

Step 1: Find you desired shoe that would be cute and comfy for your special night. Once you find you desired shoe make sure the fabric is not too busy. So for example a cute leather heel would be great. This will allow the jewels to properly stick to your shoe throughout the night.

Step 2: Choose the proper stone for your desired look. Rhinestones are always fit for a dramatic night and pearls keep you soft and feminine. Once you have decided the perfect stone, begin applying that stone to the shoe.

Step 3: Think about what kind of look you’re going for that night. Trust yourself girly. There are so many fun designs out there for you. Be creative and have fun!

Materials Used:

DSW Black Ankle Strap $39.95

Rhinestones $9.95 “2 Packs”

Instagram: omg.its.mari



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