Lash Extenstion 101


   “The M-Print to Life”

It’s summer time fine season and lashes speak louder than words. Its blazing outside and makeup should be the last thing on your mind. Trade that makeup session in for some popping lash extensions. Lash extensions are perfect for the summer because there is no need for that annoying smudgy mascara. I like to call lash extensions the #IWokeUpLikeThis beauty treatment. I mean come on girly, who wouldn’t adore this. The beauty of this session is with every lash appointment you get a free nap, can you say winner!

But let’s focus on the real reason we’re all here. Some women seem to think that lash extensions are high-maintenance. Well I’m here to tell you it’s all about how complicated you make your lash journey. Below are a few quick tips that will help your lashes stay fleeky.


Lash Tips

  1. No H20 “WATER” for the first 24 hours after your lash appointment.
  2. Be sure you don’t apply any type of oils or waterproof mascara during any point of your lash extension journey.
  3. Be sure to keep your spool that your lash stylist provides because she’s your saving grace. A lash spool is a small lash brush that looks similar to an eyebrow spool. This maintenance tool will be here for your lashes when they need to be brushed back into place.
  4. Sleeping Beauty- Sleep like a QUEEN and your lashes will thank you for it! Sleeping like a wild child can cause your lashes to come out of place and look messy.
  5. Look But Don’t Touch– No picking, No pulling; Just leave your lashes alone!


My Daily Routine

Clean lashes are the key to success. The cleaner you keep your lash extensions the longer your lashes will last!

I wake up and do my usual face wash routine. I splash my face with water and simply apply my preferred face wash but I make sure to avoid eye contact. To clean the corner of my eye I use a Q-tip or a face towel and will gently cleanse the corner of my eye. By not touching my lashes its helping them stay firm and in place. Remember Rule #5 Look But Don’t Touch!

After washing my face, I let my lashes dry for at least 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of air drying I use my secret weapon, my lash spool. Using the spool is extremely easy. First, I close my eyes and brush my lashes from the top in the direction they flare. Then I open my eye and brush in an upward motion which is reviving my lash volume.

Guess what, that’s it! A simple routine can have your lashes bounce back in no time. Lash Extensions are your saving grace. Love them like their your own and you’ll be okay.

Follow my lash stylist @phdnlashology to get a glimpse of her beautiful lashes and extension tips.

#Peace, Love, &Lashes


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