N.Y.F.W Designer “Re-mix”

Switch Gang

The life of a Calla Lily Girl isn’t just fit for a formal goddess, she’s also an eclectic superstar. She’s fun and willing to take a risk. So, check this out. Today I’m influencing a little thing I like to call a “Fashion Remix”. A Fashion Remix is simply revising your previous style into something new and creative. This is for my former prom and homecoming girls. As we know two-pieces is the new trendy look for formal fashion, which I simply love. You purchase a two-piece Mac Duggal dress for homecoming or special event, and you have no clue how to wear it. Well, let me help you out home girl.

As we know two-pieces is the new trendy look for formal fashion, which I simply love. The beauty of buying a two piece is your getting a two for one deal with price and style. A two-piece is fun and fashion-forward so why not have fun and remix your look. By this I mean separate your two-piece. Have an open-mind and be creative with your looks. Pair your top with a cute pair of pants, full skirt, or jeans. But beware of the fabric of your top because you never want to clash fabrics with one another. F.Y.I- Big Fashion NO-NO. Let’s get down to the skirt. As you can see my skirt has a busy print so a classic white tee is the easiest way to go. Unless, you’re a dare devil looking for something so fashion-forward that it knocks your socks off! To get an idea of how I remixed my look keep scrolling.






Thank you for joining me today. Hopefully this remix helps with your next formal journey. Fashion Message- remember to be yourself when remixing, your uniqueness will add flavor to the world of fashion. Be you, Be beautiful. To view more on my remix look follow my journey on Instagram @omg.its.mari. Also check out @boutiquecallalily to see what trendy styles The Ladies of Boutique Calla Lily have in-store for your next event.


With Love,






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