Welcome to Mari’s “Fashion Utopia” where fashion has become one within. My world of fashion isn’t your typical everyday trends; I look at fashion as art. Why, you ask? Because art is inspiring and so is fashion, its all about how you view creativity. I walk the world as if its my runway and I enjoy the ride as I go. I dream of wearing things to special events just like the average female, you know #DreamLifeFashion type shit. Which is where my inner “Calla Lily Girl” shines bright!

    I’m just one girl, here to inspire and influence those who are just like me. You know the girls that wear what they want, when she wants. I guess you can call it the misfits of the world, well at least “now-a-days”. But luckily, I’m me, and I’m comfortable in my own skin; and you should be too. So I welcome you to my “Fashion Utopia” where I show my personal style and inspiring looks as I walk the worlds runway. May the World of Fashion rub off on you bih!


Peace and Love Always,


OMG its Mari



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