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I’m A Calla Lily Girl: Boutique Calla Lily is a black owned family business ran by three beautiful generations of women. The Ladies of Boutique Calla Lily are here to cater to you glamourous young ladies and women who are looking for special occasion attire and formal wear for your special event. Although we specialize in formal wear we also carry crossover merchandise for our non-formal occasions. BCL is an fun outgoing boutique with fashion forward clothing for that girl looking to spice up the night. Have fun and stay tuned as I will provide fun fashion tips and ideas on bringing formal fashion to the casual world. Because at the end of the day, us Calla Lily Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


Know our product, Know our fashion, and Know when and how to wear it!




6195 Delmar Blvd.,St.Louis, Mo

Telephone: 314-367-6353

Email: boutiquecallalily@yahoo.com

Website: boutiquecallalily.us/

Instagram: Boutiquecallalily

Facebook: Boutique Calla Lily Prom

Twitter: CallaLilyProm