Think Out of the Box 

What’s Poppin: “Thinking Out of the Box” is today’s topic in Mari’s Formal World! Traditional dressing is always the safe route out for a special occasion. But who plays it safe anymore. You have one night to make your grand entrance, to be recognized, to express yourself. Don’t be that boring bitch for your special […]

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My World of Fashion

​ ​There are times when, we as humans have a tendency to loose ourselves and in the mist; who we are, and who we want to become. But it’s also key that we gain that strength back, and grow into that individual we intend to be. So here it is, this is me! I really […]

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D.I.Y Tea Mask

​For all my green tea lovers I have a little tip for you. After finishing your delicious cup of hot green tea, and instead of throwing away your used tea bag use it for a facial scrub! I know this sounds crazy but I got this cute tip from a college friend. I know it […]

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Days in White

Hello my loves… Today I have a few of my visions on “How to Wear a White Tee”. Yes I said it a good ole’ white tee. “Yup in my White Tee”! That was an insider for all of my Franchise Boyz fans. Now of course these looks aren’t the only ways to wear your […]

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Curious George……

Curious George huh, is it really that hard to pull off the color Yellow? Selena made an appearance at the California WE Day event ready for the weather and the red carpet. Now my loves I think she looks amazing from head-to-toe; but why is the World of Fashion so amazed that she wore yellow and […]

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Shame, Shame, Shame

I live life with no regrets. I live young, wild, and free; the way it should be. I don’t have a care in the world; oh except ONE THING. I eat, dream, and breath fashion. Fashion you are my world. No shame in my game!   Love Always,   OMG.It’s.Mari

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Le’ Vintage

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade! That is right isnt it, who knows. This was the perfect day to rock my vintage black gold chained jumper. While completing my usual routine of course, Im jamming to music and dancing prepping for my amazingly awesome pictures and I notice one important thing. My jumper […]

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Oh Jeffrey!

  Oh Jeffrey, we meet once again. He who has yet to let me down. He who has yet to let my closet down. He who doesn’t create your average shoe. There they sit. Retro and unique. Ol School like a Cutlass sitting pretty on 26s. Sitting Pretty is all Jeffrey wants. But who wouldn’t! […]

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The Loop Special

Yay! I’m so excited to share my first “Fashion Find Collection” with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Today’s retail therapy trip was one stop shop kind of day. Normally when I do a one stop shop I need versatility within the store so that it keeps me open […]

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