Get a New Look “Fashion Re-mix”

Switch Gang The life of a Calla Lily Girl isn’t just fit for a formal goddess, she’s also an eclectic superstar. She’s fun and willing to take a risk. So, check this out. Today I’m influencing a little thing I like to call a “Fashion Remix”. A Fashion Remix is simply revising your previous style into something […]

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2 Step Shawty

In the Lou the beautiful spring weather is finally here, so I wanted to rock my first trend. We have all seen this off the shoulder trend before rocked by my girl Ri-Ri with her custom-made Balenciaga denim jacket. This trend was popping so much The Fashion World wanted to see this trend being worn with our spring coats. I love this […]

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What is Fashion 2 U!

  Did you know the definition of Fashion means the make or form of something, that’s done in a special way or manner. But what is that something to you? That something for me is the form of art, the making of a creative world you envisioned. Art is everywhere in this world. Art is […]

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Prom Check List

Prom Checklist Hola Ladies! I posted this Prom Checklist to give you motivation to stay on the right track for an “Unforgettable” night. Prom 2017 is a big deal at Boutique Calla Lily and it takes time to plan an everlasting memorable night. If you haven’t completed anything on this list then you have a […]

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A Girl in a Formal World

“The only impossible is the journey you never began” – Anthony Robbings. .   A Girl in A Formal World is a journey of my life that I’ve contemplated for years. If you’re puzzled on what’s about to happen, don’t be. “A Girl in The Formal World’ is exactly what it sounds like, okay!   […]

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Balmain Ruffle Gang

  #WhatsPoppin with Mari   Hello my loves, Kylie Jenner attends the Marie Claire Image Makers Event and of course she’s a trending topic in her high fashion Balmain dress. What do you think does her edgy frilly look get a Yay or Nay? Okay look my loves I’m not going to lie to you. […]

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Dope is all they know! So recently I just returned from Brooklyn, New York and you can only imagine what the weather was like. Can you say miserable, OMG! With the wind blowing like your in the Chi and the temperature as low as Alaska, it made me want to honestly just jump off of a cliff. Haha! […]

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A Fantasy Come True

#WhatsPoppin: “A fantasy come true”…….     For the third time ever in Victoria Secret history an African American model has been honored to wear the 2016 Fantasy Bra. How exciting is that! Being covered in 9,000 precious gemstones is girls dream come true. Well I don’t know about you but, I know I would love […]

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Glamour meets Refugee

#WhatsPoppin with Mari….. As of November 27, 2016, the #RiRiNavy has won again!!!!!! It all started on a beautiful and relaxed Sunday night. My night was full of cold and flu medicine, annoying coughs, and pure laughter as I scroll through my snapchat. A few scrolls and skips later I realized the name Rihanna was […]

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