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Get a New Look “Fashion Re-mix”

Switch Gang The life of a Calla Lily Girl isn’t just fit for a formal goddess, she’s also an eclectic superstar. She’s fun and willing to take a risk. So, check this out. Today I’m influencing a little thing I like to call a “Fashion Remix”. A Fashion Remix is simply revising your previous style into something […]

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Lash Extenstion 101

     “The M-Print to Life” It’s summer time fine season and lashes speak louder than words. Its blazing outside and makeup should be the last thing on your mind. Trade that makeup session in for some popping lash extensions. Lash extensions are perfect for the summer because there is no need for that annoying […]

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Rei Kawakubo Tribute

2017 Met Gala’s “Avant Garde” tribute to Rei Kswakubo Founder/Creative Director of Comme De Garcon. Comme De Garcon was founded in 1969 in Liberty, Tokyo surrounded by other high fashion designers in the district. Comme De Garcon has an eye for fashion like no other. Rei sent the message to the World of Fashion that […]

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2 Step Shawty

In the Lou the beautiful spring weather is finally here, so I wanted to rock my first trend. We have all seen this off the shoulder trend before rocked by my girl Ri-Ri with her custom-made Balenciaga denim jacket. This trend was popping so much The Fashion World wanted to see this trend being worn with our spring coats. I love this […]

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What is Fashion 2 U!

  Did you know the definition of Fashion means the make or form of something, that’s done in a special way or manner. But what is that something to you? That something for me is the form of art, the making of a creative world you envisioned. Art is everywhere in this world. Art is […]

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Think Out of the Box 

What’s Poppin: “Thinking Out of the Box” is today’s topic in Mari’s Formal World! Traditional dressing is always the safe route out for a special occasion. But who plays it safe anymore. You have one night to make your grand entrance, to be recognized, to express yourself. Don’t be that boring bitch for your special […]

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Prom Check List

Prom Checklist Hola Ladies! I posted this Prom Checklist to give you motivation to stay on the right track for an “Unforgettable” night. Prom 2017 is a big deal at Boutique Calla Lily and it takes time to plan an everlasting memorable night. If you haven’t completed anything on this list then you have a […]

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A Girl in a Formal World

“The only impossible is the journey you never began” – Anthony Robbings. .   A Girl in A Formal World is a journey of my life that I’ve contemplated for years. If you’re puzzled on what’s about to happen, don’t be. “A Girl in The Formal World’ is exactly what it sounds like, okay!   […]

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